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Every Project Is Different
The Design Process

We believe client involvement in the website design process is of paramount importance, however the way we work with our clients allows them to be involved as little or as much as they choose, depending on their own level of expertise, time restrictions, and of course preference. We offer complete website design and development services from the initial creation to website maintenance and beyond. Our website design and development process will vary from client to client because of individual needs, but generally involves a "Simple Approach" we stick to:

A Simple Approach


Before we create anything, we get to know you. Tell us about your company, it can be as simple or as complicated as you like, let’s just get the ball rolling. What’s working? What’s not? Who’s your audience? What do you want to achieve? The answers lead us to the story of who you are, how you’re perceived, and everything in between. We then work with you, to recognize untapped opportunities and develop a strategy to create an awesome new website.


When bringing your website to life, our approach is centered on best practices and is collaborative. Often helping you find the right strategy has much less to do with what’s new than what’s relevant to the goals of your business and the people it serves. Working together, we’ll distill your true story, then use creativity and technology to share it with the world.



Once your website is complete you can sit back and relax because our projects always get our full attention, and we don’t rush anything. We understand that the website we build for you is also your essential marketing tool, and you will only achieve your goals with the highest standards and proper coding. Additional services we offer include website hosting, management, and updates, so you can relax even more :)

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication. CALL 416-737-0025

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to build a website?

Our websites are collaborative, which means we work with you and rely on your feedback during the design process. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks to complete a website from start to finish. During this time we’ll analyze the needs of your business and implement the best solution for you.

Can I update my own website?

Everyone has their own unique needs. If we build your website on a Content Management System (CMS), then you will be able to control every aspect of it, you will have the power to update text, photos, and pages, as easy as sending an e-mail! If you don’t want to update or manage your content, or don’t need to on a regular basis, then our starter package may be a better choice for you. With our starter packages you can also provide us with additional content from time to time, and we will perform the update for an additional fee.

Can I modify my website?

Yes! You can modify any aspect of your website, including core files. Please keep in mind if you are not experienced and modify core files which break your website, then we can help fix it, but this may require an additional fee. It's always good practice to make a backup before doing any changes. With a CMS website, you can make changes without having to edit core files, you can easily install plugins to expand and add more features to your website too!

Can I use my existing web hosting company?

Of course! We can setup your website with any web hosting company you choose.

Are your sites mobile-ready?

We help businesses get found by mobile customers. More than 60% of local searches are performed on mobile devices. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with customers who are searching for your product or service.